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© 2022 GoFit, LLC. All rights reserved. RECOVERY IS KEY 202 GoFit, L C. All rights reserved. Muscle Hook Multi-Tool - GF-MHMT Pegged retail with laminated training manual attached: 14" x 23" x 1.5" • Combines roll-on, knot-releasing massage spheres with rolling massage bar— for a full body, muscle-relieving massage • Unique hook and handle design provides the ideal leverage for just the right massaging pressure • Roll-on hook ends: durable, heavy duty urethane with free-rolling deep tissue massage spheres • Massage bar rolller: firm TPE rubber with grooved relief pattern • Solid steel axle with ball bearing rolling action • Ultra-durable hooks & handles Free-rolling massage spheres Unique hooks and grip handles provide the ideal massage leverage Ball bearing spin action with solid steel axle