GoFit 2022

© 2022 GoFit, LLC. All rights reserved. RECOVERY IS KEY Barrel Roller - GF-BRL18 • Arched barrel shape rolls with the body’s contours while offering greater support for targeted massage • Deeply-grooved relief pattern improves blood flow and helps break up knotted muscle tissue • Thick, massaging foam that’s firm, but ultra-soft to the touch • UltraFin Core prevents flexing and breaking of inner core • Holds more weight than traditional “hollow core” rollers • Includes Training Manual • Size: 18.25" x 6" diameter at the widest places Deeply-grooved relief pattern improves blood-flow and breaks up knots Undulating barrel shape rolls with the body’s curves for optimal massage Shelved retail package caps end of roller with unique, tab-and-slot closure to hold it in place: 18.25" x 6" x 6" Allows deeper pressure with greater stability