GoFit 2022

© 2022 GoFit, LLC. All rights reserved. RECOVERY IS KEY Massage Bar - GF-TMB •Rolling relief pattern releases knots and massages deep tissue •Erodes deep tissue knots and trigger points •Restores flexibility, provides relief for muscle pain •Durable rubber is firmer than muscle tissue •Smooth ball-bearing roller system •Ergonomic handles with soft-grip rubber •Outside roller diameter: 1.25" (3cm) •Length: 18.5" (46.5cm) •Length of roller: 10" (25.5cm) •Includes Training Manual Pegged package allows customer to spin handles: 2" x 19" x 2" New “Go” pattern, of firm, deep-grooved massage foam surface Smooth-rolling ball bearings Ergonomic handles of soft-grip, deep grooved rubber Convenient hanger loop i l i