GoFit 2022

© 2022 GoFit, LLC. All rights reserved. AT-HOME FITNESS GoFit’s Rubber Resistance Training products work together as a modular component system, designed to provide the optimum rubber resistance workout. All components use a universal carabiner connection. Handles, Door Anchors and Ankle Straps connect to the Resistance Tubes and Bands in a snap for an ultra-flexible, easily-expandable training program. The GoFit Rubber Resistance Training System—Modularly packaged and merchandised to work together as a complete component system. Model Number: GF-PWRST Master Pack: 1 UPC: 687339213006 Note: Display unit does not include products. All products to be ordered separately. Contact Sales Manager for customizedModular Displays. Power Station —Modular Display - GF-PWRST Display Dimensions: Display area (2) - 26 x 51 Header sign (2) - 23 x12 Side sign (2) - 12 x 45 Footprint - 30 x 30