GoFit 2022

© 2022 GoFit, LLC. All rights reserved. AT-HOME FITNESS • Excellent for Rehab and Lower Body Strength •Weight adjustable •Weight inserts and pockets made of durable, synthetic woven canvas • Zipper closure for easy and s ecure removal of weight inserts • Velcro closure for secure fit • One size fits most • Available Weights: 5 LB Pair (2.5lbs each/ 5lb pair) 10 LB Pair (5lbs each/ 10lb pair) Includes: •2 Pro Ankle Weights •10 Weight Inserts 5W: ≈.5lb/.23kg each; ≈2.5lbs/1.14kg per ankle (5 inserts) 10W: ≈1lb/.45kg each ; ≈5lbs/2.264kg per ankle (5 inserts) 5lb. Adjustable Ankle Weights - GF-5W 10lb. Adjustable Ankle Weights - GF-10W Removable granulated steel shot packets Shelved retail packaging: 5W—7" x3 .5" x 5.5" 10W—7" x 4" x6"