Marcy 2023

M O D E L : M D - 8 5 7 D E S C R I P T I O N : O L Y M P I C S U R G E B E N C H B R A N D : M A R C Y B E N C H E S Marcy MD-879 Assembly Video MD-879 Demo Video MD-879 OLYMPIC SIZE BENCH Features: • Versatile two-piece Olympic bench • Features independent utility bench and barbell crutches • Fully adjustable back pad for incline, decline, and flat chest presses • Two-piece design allows for walk-in squat and lunge exercises • Total leg developer targets glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps • Preacher curl bicep pad with removable bicep curl bar • Contoured foam roller pads • Maximum Weight Capacities • - Maximum weight on Crutches: 300lb • - Maximum weight capacity (including user weight) on Bench: 600lb • - Assembled Dimensions: 74"L x 60"W x 64"H F A C T O R Y : 8