Marcy 2023

APKB-5009 KETTLE WEIGHT W E I G H T S M O D E L : A P K B - 5 0 0 9 D E S C R I P T I O N : A D J U S T A B L E K E T T L E B E L L B R A N D : A P E X F A C T O R Y : … Features: • Adjustable kettlebell set allows for various kettlebell builds ranging between 20 – 50lbs by replacing 4 removable spacer disks with standard 2.5lb, 5lb and 10lb weight plates (sold separately). • This kettlebell is built to last. • It is made with powder coated cast iron for maximum durability. • This exercise equipment is great for lifting, swing, toning and muscle building exercises APKB-5009 Video Breakdown