Marcy 2023

SM-3551 OLYMPIC CAGE C A G E S Y S T E M S Features: • The Marcy Power Cage System SM-3551 Multi-Use Power Rack • Maximum Weight Capacities and Assembled Dimensions • Maximum user weight to use Pull-up Frame: 300lb • Maximum weight on Sliding Weight Post:155lb • Maximum weight on Weight Plate Rack: 410 lbs • Maximum weight on each Dumbbell-Kettlebell Tray: 265lb • Maximum weight on Bar Catch: 300lb • Assembled Dimension: 46”L x 60”W x 87”H • The Marcy Cage System SM-3551 includes safety catches for squats • Catches • The bar catches are adjustable to suit various users. These commercial style catches allow for easy barbell placements. • The Marcy Cage System SM-3551 includes dip bars • Dip Bars • The dip bars are specially made for high-intensity tricep and chest development training. The bars have foam grips for added comfort during your workout. • The Marcy Cage System SM-3551 includes rollers for sit ups • Leg Anchors • The leg anchors are heavy duty for total leg development. High-quality foam is used, and the vinyl covering is double stitched to ensure durability • The Marcy Cage System SM-3551 includes spaced bars for varied pull ups • Pull-up • The pull-up station has multiple hand grip positions for a variety of hand grip pull up exercises. By using a wide grip or a close grip, you’ll target different muscles. These are perfect for upper body exercises and strengthening your shoulders. • The Marcy Cage System SM-3551 includes a cable system for cable crossovers • Pulley • The high and low pulleys are made for intense upper and lower body exercises. Core training and cable rows are perfect for cable pulleys and you will target a ton of muscles. • The Marcy Cage System SM-3551 includes a storage space for weights • Weight Storage • The storage rack is for organizing weights, and the storage shelves are for dumbbell and kettle weights. Trip no more with this efficient storage. M O D E L : S M - 3 5 5 1 D E S C R I P T I O N : O L Y M P I C C A G E B R A N D : M A R C Y F A C T O R Y : 1