Marcy 2023

JX-7301 CARDIO C A R D I O Features: M O D E L : J X- 7301 D E S C R I P T I O N : R E G E N E R A T I N G R E C U M B E N T B I K E B R A N D : M A R C Y F A C T O R Y : 5 Y • Arm Exercising Handlebars - The JX-7301 Recumbent Bike includes handlebars which move back and forth, much like an elliptical. Using the arm exercisers while pedaling will help you burn as many calories as possible during your ride! • Adjustable Seat Sliding Track - The recumbent bike seat is adjustable to best fit the users’ needs. The sliding track to adjust the seat is chrome to make adjusting the seat as easy and smooth as possible. • Water Bottle Holder - Keep your favorite drink at arm’s length during your workout using the convenient water bottle holder located below the LCD monitor • Comfortable Seat and Back Pad- The JX-7301 recumbent bike comes with a high-density foam padded seat and back pad. This extra comfort allows you to stay comfortable even on long bike rides. • LCD Monitor - Make progress by tracking your progress with the included LCD Display. The LCD Computer displays time, speed, distance, calories, and odometer (total distance.)