Marcy 2023

C A R D I O M O D E L : N S - 6 0 7 0 R W D E S C R I P T I O N : W A T E R R OW E R B R A N D : M A R C Y F A C T O R Y : … NS-6070RW CARDIO Features: • The Marcy Water Rower brings home a natural rowing experience using water resistance; by using water to create resistance, every row feels as if you’re exercising on the lake. Rowing machines are popular because they deliver a full body workout. The benefit of using a water rowing machine is the faster you row, the more resistance is produced by the water. • With 6 levels of water resistance and your determination, the intensity of your workout is seemingly limitless on the Marcy Water Rower NS-6070RW. Utilize the built-in LCD monitor which reports calories, distance, and more to keep track of your progress. Don’t let space be an issue, simply stand the unit upright against a wall when not in use for easy storage. • In addition to convenience, this durable rower is built with safety and comfort in mind. The handles provide a dependable and comfortable grip. The pedals are large so you can get a firm footing while rowing. To top it off, the large pedals have loops to keep your feet from sliding off the pedals. Finally, the seats are contoured to minimize soreness after long rowing workouts. • Water Adjustable Resistance – Easily adjust the by changing the amount / level of water in your rower (see manual for details.) • Easy Storage – In order to save space, the Marcy Water Rower NS-6070RE can be stored vertically when not in use • Track Progress – If you don’t track progress, you’ll never know ho much progress you’re making! The NS-6070RE Computer displays timer, reps, total reps, calories, and pulse rate. • Safety – The Pedals are large to secure footing during use. In addition, the pedal loops ensure your foot will not slide during use. • Maximum Weight Capacity – 300 Pounds • Assembled Dimensions - 78.75"L x 22"W x 42.25"H