Inspire Fitness 2021

Choose Your Colors ON-LINE! INSPIRE MODELS Code Cube Weight (kg) Pad and Shroud Color Options See Pricing .10 2 Model Options: HW5 Heavy Stack, Pad or Shroud Color Options Model Code HW5 Pads Shrouds Imspire M1 Multi-Gym (Includes Shroud, 3 W5s) * M102 Yes No Yes Inspire M2 Multi-Gym (Includes Orthopedic Pads and Shroud, 3xW5s) * M2O2 Yes Yes Yes Inspire M3 Multi-Gym (Includes Orthopedic Pads and Shroud, 4xW5s) * M3O2 No Yes Yes Inspire M5 Multi-Gym (Includes 8xW5s and Black Pads included Free) Must select 2 x desired color shrouds) * M5OO Yes No Yes Inspire Total Leg Press Attachment (Must select 1 set of colored pads) LP3O No Yes No Inspire FT1 Functional Trainer (Includes 2 x black Shrouds, 6xW5s) FT1O.02 Yes No No Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer - NEW (Includes 2 x blk Shrouds, 6xW5s) FT2O Yes No No Pulleys & 2x75 kg (165 lb) Weight Stacks (Reqs. SCS-0 and 2 x Shrouds, 6xW5s) * SCS2-02 Yes No Yes Full Smith Cage System(Inc. SCS-0, SCS-1, SCS-2, SCS-WB, SCS-LE, SCS-PC, 6xW5s, and 2xShrouds) Must select 2 xShroud color. * FSCS Yes No Yes * Must Select Shroud Color Yes OPCO OPBO OPTO OPNO SHCO SHBO SHTO SHNO INSPIRE MODELS Code Cube M3 Weight (kg) Ab Bar ABB1 .066 4.08 Aluminum Lat Bar LBA3 .005 1.81 Aluminum EZ Curl Bar CBA1 .007 .9 FT1 Accessory Kit FT1U .024 7.25 ABB1 ABB1 Usage LBA1 CBA1 FT1U