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CENTR CORE KIT Inner Carton Specifications Dims: 18” x 12“ x 12” GTIN: 20810000543766 Sellable Unit Qty 2 SKU: 65PB PHYSIO BALL Improves balance, muscle tone, and posture. Adds an instant core challenge to any workout. Product Specifications 100% PVC Diameter: 25.6” Weight: 2.4lbs +/-5% AB ROLLER SKU: ABW Equipped with soft grips and smooth precision wheel. Targets and strengthens arm, back, and core muscles. Product Specifications 65% PP, 20% Steel, 10% PVC, 5% FOAM Dims: Wheel 7” x 9.8“ Weight: 1.1lbs +/-5% 6LB SLAM BALL Durable rubber shell that absorbs impact. Textured surface for easy grip for dynamic movements. SKU: SB6 Product Specifications 50% Rubber, 50% Sand Diameter: 7.5” Weight: 6lbs +/-5% SKU: CSD CORE SLIDING DISCS Lightweight and portable with textured pattern foam grip for added traction. Inclues slider socks for use on all surfaces. Product Specifications 55% PP, 45% EVA Dims: 10.4” x 7.2” Weight: .5lbs +/-5% FITNESS KITS SKU: CAK Retail Box Specifications UPC: 810000543762 Dims: 11.65” x 8.46” x 10.43” Outer Carton Specifications Dims: 25“ x 19” x 13“ GTIN: 10810000543769 Sellable Unit Qty 4 A strong core is the key to almost all physical activities. Improved core strength increases balance, improves posture, and can decrease back pain. This kit has all the tools you need to strengthen, tone, and work your entire core. KIT CONTENTS Centr 2023 Copyright. All rights reserved.