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CENTR RECOVERY KIT SKU: CRK SKU: FR13 FOAM ROLLER Targets larger surface areas of the body to aid in muscle recovery and relaxation. Product Specifications 25% EVA, 75% PP Dims: 5.1” x 12.8” / Weight: 1.6lbs +/-5% MASSAGE ROLLER STICK Lightweight and compact design provides massage therapy to reduce tension and muscle soreness. Product Specifications 50% EVA, 20% Steel, 25% PP, 5% TPR Dims: 20.7” x 2“ / Weight: .88bs +/-5% SKU: CMB Product Specifications 95% Polyester, 5% Iron Dims: 70.8” x 1.5” / Weight: .2lbs +/-5% Product Specifications 100% Rubber Diameter: 2.5” / Weight: 3lbs +/-5% STRETCH STRAP Used to increase flexibility and range of motion for deep stretching and extended support. SKU: CPSS SKU: CPLP LACROSSE BALL Used to relieve sore and tight muscles in hard to reach areas of the body and smaller muscle groups. Centr 2023 Copyright. All rights reserved. Product Specifications 100% EVA Diameter: 3.5” / Weight: .3lbs +/-5% Product Specifications 100% PVC Diameter: 3.1” / Weight: .2lbs +/-5% TRIGGER POINT BALL Reduces muscle soreness and tighness by providing a deep tissue massage for the back, legs, and shoulders. SKU: CPTRB SKU: CPSB SPIKEY BALL Reaches deeper into the muscles to increase circulation to shorten recovery time. Inner Carton Specifications Dims: 22” x 12“ x 6” GTIN: 20810000543742 Sellable Unit Qty 2 Outer Carton Specifications Dims: 23“ x 13” x 13“ GTIN: 10810000543745 Sellable Unit Qty 4 Retail Box Specifications UPC: 810000543748 Dims: 20.87” x 5.35” x 5.35” Target sore muscles and release tension after a workout or a long day with this complete recovery kit. Stretch, roll, and massage your muscles to promote blood flow and circulation. It’s everything you need for targeted relief that keeps you moving. KIT CONTENTS FITNESS KITS