Inspire Fitness 2024

Product Specifications 100% TPE Dims: 72” x 24“ x 0.24” Weight: 2.2lbs +/-5% KIT CONTENTS FITNESS KITS Centr 2023 Copyright. All rights reserved. YOGA MAT Designed with a non-slip, textured surface. Long lasting quality mat. SKU: EXM RESISTANCE BANDS WITH HANDLES Five bands in extra light, light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy. Cushioned and non-slip grip handles and ankle straps. SKU: CTB Product Specifications 80% Latex, 10% Polyproylene Fiber, 5% TPR, 5% Iron Dims: X-Light .2” x .3“x 47” 6-10lbs Light .2” x .4” x 47“ 7-12lbs Medium .2” x .4“ x 47” 9-13lbs Heavy .2“ x .4” x 47“ 10-15lbs X-Heavy .2 x .4” x 47“ 13-20lbs Weight: 1.8lbs +/-5% FABRIC RESISTANCE BANDS Three fabric loop bands in light, medium, and heavy. Used to target legs, hips, glutes, and upper body. SKU: CFB Product Specifications 80% Polyester, 20% Latex Dims: Light 3” x 3.2“ 80lbs Medium 3” x 3.2“ 100lbs Heavy 3” x 3.2“ 120lbs CENTR FITNESS KIT Inner Carton Specifications Dims: 25” x 9“ x 8” GTIN: 20810000544305 Sellable Unit Qty 2 Outer Carton Specifications Dims: 26“ x 20” x 10“ GTIN: 10810000544308 Sellable Unit Qty 4 Retail Box Specifications UPC: 810000544301 Dims: 3.88” x 24.21” x 7.17” This portable all-in-one workout kit can be used anywhere you want to sweat. It delivers resistance training for building strength and toning your body, empowering you with endless ways to train. Travel Bag included for easy storage and on-the-go workouts.