GoFit 2022

© 2022 GoFit, LLC. All rights reserved. Go Grip Pro - GF-GOGP • “Go Grip” PVC grip pattern reduces roll or movement in hands • 13-inch (33 cm) straps wrap around a bar, or handles, multiple times for a solid, superior grip • Durable, thick neoprene wrist padding for a comfortable workout • Hook and Loop closure for maximum support and stability • Sturdy cotton webbing and heavy-duty stitching • Improves grip strength, stamina, and builds muscle faster • Includes: 2 Go Grip Pro Wrist Wraps •One size fits most Pegged retail packaging: 5" x 7.75" x 1.25" 13-inch Cotton Straps to wrap around bar for solid grip Thick neoprene padding with hook and loop closure PVC “Go Grip”pattern to reduce roll and movement LIFTING ACCESSORIES